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General terms and conditions Quinta Maragota

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General terms and conditions


Article 1: Definition tenant and landlord

1.1 Quinta Maragota (hereinafter referred to as 'landlord') is a holiday accommodation. Contact details: Rieneke Steeghs and Remco Bood, Quinta Maragota, Sitio da Maragota no. 58, 8700-078 Moncarapacho, Portugal. License RNT/Alojamento Local: 114008/AL.

1.2 On all concluded rental agreements for one of the apartments in Quinta Maragota, the following conditions apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.3 The tenant is the person who has made the booking and any co-tenants. All persons who will be staying with landlord must be specified by the main tenant when making the booking.


Article 2: Rental period

The minimum rental period is 4 nights from October until May and 6 nights from June until September. Shorter stays only on request or last-minute (check calendar). The maximum rental period is 182 nights (half a year).


Article 3: Reservations and down payment

3.1 Reservations can be made online or by e-mail. The reservation will be confirmed by landlord by e-mail.

3.2 The reservation is final after receipt of the deposit of 50% of the rent (total price of the nights excluding any tourist tax). The deposit must paid to landlord within 3 days after confirmation of the reservation request.

3.3 The remainder of the rental sum must be paid to landlord no later than 30 days before arrival. 

3.4 If the payments have not been made within the agreed period, landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

3.5 In the case that a deposit has already been made, the failure to meet the payment agreement (see 3.3) is considered a cancellation and there will be no refund.


Article 4: Arrival/departure days and times

4.1 The arrival and departure days are flexible and subject to availability. 

4.2 Arrival time from 5 PM and departure before 10:30 AM.

4.3 Earlier arrival and/or later departure is possible by prior arrangement and subject to availability. For a guaranteed early arrival from 1 PM, a half night rate will be charged. For a guaranteed early arrival before 1 PM, a full night rate will be charged. For a guaranteed late departure until 3 PM, a half night rate will be charged. For a guaranteed late departure after 3 PM, a full night rate will be charged.


Article 5: The rental price

5.1 The mentiond prices include WiFi, water and electricity (assuming normal consumption and excluding electric vehicle charging).

5.2 The use of bed linen, linen for bathroom and kitchen and beach towels is included.


Article 6: Cleaning

6.1 We ask tenant to leave the property tidy upon departure. 

6.2 The final cleaning is included in the rental price.

6.3 Upon departure tenant is expected to leave the apartment tidy (dishes done, rubbish removed and all belongings are in the place as the apartment was found at the beginning of the rental).

6.4 In case of a stay of more than 8 nights, landlord will lightly clean the apartment in between no later than every 9th day and will replace the bedding, used towels and used linen.

6.5 An extra change of bath plus kitchen linen is possible for €5.

6.6 An extra change of bed linen is possible for €5.

6.7 An extra in between large cleaning is possible for € 25,- a time (excluding linen change).


Article 7: Adults, guests and pets

7.1. The accommodation is based on the adults-only concept and is exclusively accessible to persons with a minimum age of eighteen years.

7.2 There are four apartments available for rent, Casa Quintinha, Casa Descansa, Casa Antiga and Casa Taberna. The maximum occupancy is two persons per apartment with exception of Casa Antiga where a maximum of three persons can stay. The additional cost for this third person is €30 per night.

7.3 The accommodation is exclusively accessible for tenant and other members of the travel party, provided that they have been specified in advance by tenant when making the booking.

7.4 Visitors from outside are not allowed, to guarantee the privacy and peace of other guests. Only in consultation and only after written confirmation (via e-mail), tenant may receive guests from outside the accommodation during the day (until 10 PM) in/on the terrace of the rented holiday home (not in the communal garden or by the swimming pool; use of guest parking is not possible), provided that they do not cause a nuisance to other tenants. Tenant is responsible for the behaviour and possible nuisance of his/her guests.

7.5 If tenant and/or guests of a tenant as referred to in 7.4 cause nuisance (to be judged by landlord), they may be denied access to the grounds immediately.

7.6 Pets are not allowed.

7.7 If it appears (as judged by landlord) that the conditions 7.1 to 7.6 are not met, landlord reserves the right to deny tenant access to Quinta Maragota immediately. This will be regarded as a cancellation without a refund.


Article 8: Smoking, barbecue and open fire

8.1 Smoking in the apartments is prohibited. Tenant is only allowed to smoke on the terrace belonging to the apartment where tenant is staying. Smoking in the garden is prohibited, except in places designated by landlord (this in connection with the strict fire safety regulations that apply in Portugal).

8.2 The use of a barbecue is only permitted in places designated by landlord.

8.3 Making an open fire is prohibited.

8.4 If it appears (to be judged by landlord) that conditions 8.1 to 8.3 are not met, landlord reserves the right to deny tenant access to Quinta Maragota immediately. This will be regarded as a cancellation without a refund.


Article 9: Cancellation conditions

9.1 Cancellation must be made by e-mail.

9.2 In case of cancellation up to thirty days before arrival, 50% of the rent will be due.

9.3 At annulment within thirty days before arrival 100% of the rent is due.

9.4 The cancellation conditions, as stated in 9.1 to 9.3, are only valid for bookings made via the Quinta Maragota website www.quintamaragota.com or otherwise directly agreed with Quinta Maragota. For bookings made via other platforms, the there applicable cancellation conditions apply.

9.5 Landlord advises tenant to arrange cancellation insurance.


Article 10: Substitution

Tenant can transfer the booking to another person no later than three days before the start of the rental period. This is only possible with the written permission (e-mail) of landlord. 


Article 11: Liability

11.1 During the stay tenant is responsible for the apartment, the decoration and all the things that belong to the by tenant rented property. Any damage caused by tenant should be reported immediately to landlord.

11.2 If there is any damage it can be charged to tenant.

11.3 Landlord is not liable for loss, theft and/or (personal) damage caused to or by tenants of Quinta Maragota.

11.4 Landlord is not liable for damage caused by natural disasters, nuclear disasters, attacks, strikes, violence, epidemics and other external factors.

11.5 Landlord is not liable or responsible for damages, losses or changes due to factors beyond his control.

11.6 Quinta Maragota is an old farmhouse renovated to modern standards. There are level differences (including sloping terrain, steps and stairs) in and around the property, resulting from its location and original construction. Tenant is aware of this and landlord is not liable for any damage suffered as a result of these conditions.

11.7 It may happen that, despite Quinta Maragota is quietly located and there are no direct neighbours, in the vicinity work is taking place such as (land) construction or other activities. Landlord is not liable for any inconvenience caused by this.

11.8 Landlord has the right to cancel a reservation at any time if circumstances beyond the control of Landlord force or necessitate it. Landlord is only obliged to refund the rent already paid by tenant for the unused rental days.


Article 12: Complaints

If the stay does not go according to the expectations, tenant should communicate this as soon as possible to landlord, so that a solution can be found.


Article 13: Access to the swimming pool

The "splash pool" is not extra heated and is open as long as the weather permits. Use is at tenants’ own risk.

Article 14: Privacy Policy

Landlord is obliged to provide certain personal data of tenant to the SEF (the public service supervising borders and "aliens", including tourists). Personal data will not be provided to third parties with the exception of our cooperation partner Huurkalender for recording the necessary data for a reservation in the booking module.


Article 15: Agreement

Tenant is deemed to have read and understood these and the above conditions. By making a reservation, tenant agrees with these and the above conditions.